A Short Bio

I am Nick Fazzolari, Computer Science student, lover of music, mathematics and anything software related. Currently working to support myself in the world of freelance web development while attending school. I take my chances with graphic design from time to time. I'm often described as being overly passionate, and even obsessive. Fine by me - at least I have things which drive me.


Programming is my main focus and passion. I love solving problems and creating in the digital realm. I'm self-taught in Python, JavaScript, and HTML, CSS/SASS. Formally I'm beginning coursework in C/C++. Throughout the years my interests in programming have shifted from the low level to the high level. One thing I am sure of is that I want to pursue graphics programming, and UI development.


I love studying mathematics on multiple levels. The world of mathematics is so vast that I can always find new and exciting topics to flirt with while entrenched in my coursework. I find deep joy in researching and learning about the history of mathematics. I'm interested in the people behind the mathematics, and their stories. As of late I've been obsessing over finding the link between the development of mathematics, and modern technology. It keeps me up at night.

Graphic Design

During high school I developed skills in graphic design. Being a musician allowed me to put my graphic design skills to use when creating fliers, and merchandise designs for various bands. I feel that being able to visually connect, and convey complex ideas is a good skill which bridges the logical and analytical. This bridge can help expose more people to the wonders of science and technology.


Freelance Web Design

Star Bar Portland

Mobile first redesign of the Portland, Oregon rock and punk bar in inner southeast. The page features a live feed of events, as well as full fledged menu.

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Fidelity Unlimited Recording

A full mobile friendly redesign, and branding for the Portland, Oregon recording studio 'Fidelity Unlimited'.

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Your New Web Site

Feel free to contact me if you're in need of a mobile friendly redesign of your current web site. Or if you need a new solution developed from the ground up.

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Graphic Design